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Estate Administration

A woman discussing estate administration with a couple in their home.

A helpful, caring approach

In difficult times you need both sound expert advice and a caring approach from someone you can trust. Whether you're more comfortable coming into our office or you'd prefer a home visit, we can work to your preferences and schedule. We'll provide you with honest advice and the solution that's right for you.

A smiling family of six.

Easing the burden on you

Administering the affairs of a deceased relative or friend can be a complicated and painful process. We can help lift or share the burden with you through our sympathetic executor service. We can advise and support you on everything from registration of death and applying for probate, to winding up the estate and distributing it to those entitled.

A last will and testament being signed.

Have you have been named as an executor in a will?

If so, you'll need to get a Grant of Probate to deal with the deceased's affairs. This legal document will prove that you, the executor, have the authority to deal with the finances, and to share out the assets and property.

If you haven't been named, don't worry. We'll help you with applying to the probate registry. They will then apply for and supply you with a Grant of Letters of Administration. This document will confirm your authority and allow you to deal with the deceased's estate.

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How to obtain Probate more cost effectively

Many people are frightened of seeking professional help because of concern over the expense. Charges levied by banks and some solicitors can be eye-watering, but not everyone charges in the same way. We have several pricing options. These will allow you to get the help you need by giving you the flexibility to choose cheaper services if they are concerned about escalating costs.

A brown envelope being handed over.

Grant Only

We can agree a service where we will obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration for you, and then you can administer the estate yourself. We can do this via email, telephone, or face to face, and saves you having to potentially be interviewed at the Probate Registry if you attempt to do this privately.

We do this at a fixed fee which is agreed at the outset, and is usually around £500 plus VAT for our costs.

A solicitor with a stack of files.

Full Administration of the Estate

We also can provide the ‘full service’, and completely administer the estate from start to finish, which includes where applicable:

  • Obtaining clearance from HMRC
  • Applying for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Encashing the assets and settling liabilities
  • Filing tax returns
  • Creating estate accounts
  • Distributing the assets
  • Beginning administering trusts where applicable.

Some people really like this service, because it gives them peace of mind that everything has been done properly, and if anyone questions what has been done in several years time they will have proper documentation to answer any queries. It also means that you only have to sign a few forms, and we do all the hard work and chasing around. This is priced depending on factors such as the size of the estate.

A statue holding the scales of justice.

The Middle Option

We also can provide a tailor made solution in between the two options mentioned above We can help with particular parts of an estate, for a fixed cost, so that clients can select exactly what they need, and know in advance exactly what it will cost.

If you need help with an estate, please don’t be afraid to call for advice. It might be that we can help you with some short, free words of advice. But it might also be that we can help and take the pressure off you for cheaper than you might think.

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