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Pallbearers carrying a coffin.


Grandparents giving their grandson a present.

Where there is a will

Making your last will and testament is a task which most of us put off for as long as possible. Yet it is one of the simplest steps you can take to ensure that your family and friends are properly provided for. Without one, the State directs who inherits, so your friends, favourite charities and relatives may get nothing.

It is vitally important if you are:

  • Not married – living as a “common law husband and wife”
  • In a registered civil partnership.
  • Looking after children or dependants.

Without a Will, there may be uncertainty if any of the above applies to you.

A last will and testament with a pen on it.

Why should you make a will?

  • To ensure that your assets are left to those you choose following your death
  • To choose your executors, who will deal with your assets and property
  • To name guardians to care for any infants and children
  • To help avoid disagreements between family and/or close friends
  • To provide for your children through inheritance or a trust
  • To record your desired funeral arrangements
  • You live in the UK, but own property abroad
  • You own all or part of a business


An elderly man signing his will.

Why use a solicitor?

You do not have to use a solicitor to draft up a Will. Thousands of people write their own Wills using reference books or ‘do it yourself’ packs, however the rules and regulations are extremely complex and there are numerous pitfalls if you make a mistake!

If there are errors in a Will, this can cause problems after your death. Sorting out misunderstandings and disputes may result in considerable legal costs, which will reduce the amount of money in the estate and create bad feeling within families.

A stack of pound coins.

What will it cost?

A Simple Will is appropriate for most people. They are cheap, and will ensure that if you want something to go to someone, then they will get it.

We usually charge £120 plus VAT for a Simple Will, £175 plus VAT for a pair of “Mirror Wills” where, for example, a husband and wife make wills which are almost exact copies of each other.

More complex wills are charged on a time basis and a cost estimate will be given beforehand.

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